The Westside Future Fund Community Data Dashboard is dedicated to identifying and understanding the needs and opportunities that exist in four Atlanta communities: English Avenue, Vine City, Ashview Heights and the Atlanta University Center. These neighborhoods are at the core of the Westside Future Fund’s work to disrupt the cycle of poverty and revitalize Historic Westside Atlanta. This site offers a baseline of community conditions and trends over the past 15 years against which the Westside Future Fund will track future progress. .

This site provides data on general demographics and Westside Future Fund’s four impact areas: mixed income communities, safety and security, cradle to career education, and community health and wellness. Tables and charts summarizing key data about each of these impact areas can be found by clicking on one of the topics. These statistics include data from years prior to when Westside Future Fund began working in the community and serve as a baseline for future progress tracking.

Data Sources include American Community Survey (2013-2017), Atlanta Police Department, APD Urban Planning & Management, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, and the US Census (2010).



Data on population, age, and race and ethnicity.


Mixed Income Communities

Data on income, poverty, rental prices, housing occupancy, and property conditions.


Safety and Security

Data on crime stats and property occupancy.


Cradle to Career

Data on enrollment, academic achievement, and early childhood learning centers.


Health and Wellness

Data on maternal and child births and health insurance.

The site also includes other ways to connect with critical community data:

Progress Map
Neighborhood Infographic

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